Urination, painful

Pain or discomfort that occurs when urine is being passed. Painful urination is known medically as dysuria. The pain is often described as burning; sometimes it is preceded by difficulty in starting urine flow. Pain after the flow has ceased, with a strong desire to continue, is called strangury. The most common cause, especially in women, is cystitis. Other causes include a bladder tumour, bladder stone (see calculus, urinary tract), urethritis, balanitis, prostatitis, vaginal candidiasis (thrush), or allergy to vaginal deodorants. Strangury is usually caused by spasm of an inflamed bladder wall, but it may be due to bladder stones. Mild discomfort when passing urine may be caused by highly concentrated urine. Dysuria may be investigated by physical examination, urinalysis, urography, or cystoscopy. (See also urethral syndrome, acute.)


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