Osteochondritis juvenilis

Inflammation of an epiphysis (growing end of bone) in children and adolescents, causing pain, tenderness, and restricted movement if the epiphysis forms part of a joint. The inflammation leads to softening of the bone, which may result in deformity. The condition may be due to disruption of the bone’s blood supply. There are several types: Perthes’ disease; Scheuermann’s disease, which affects several adjoining vertebrae; and other types that affect certain bones in the foot and wrist. The affected bone may be immobilized in an orthopaedic brace or plaster cast. In Perthes’ disease, surgery may be required to prevent more deformity. The bone usually regenerates within 3 years and rehardens, but deformity may be permanent and increases the risk of osteoarthritis in later life.


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