Contraception, natural methods of

Methods of avoiding conception based on attempts to pinpoint a woman’s fertile period around the time of ovulation, so that sexual intercourse can be avoided at this time. The calendar method is based on the assumption that ovulation occurs around 14 days before menstruation. Because of its high failure rate, it has been largely superseded by other methods. The temperature method is based on the normal rise of a woman’s body temperature in the second half of the menstrual cycle, after ovulation has occurred. The woman takes her temperature daily using an ovulation thermometer. Sex is considered to be only safe after there has been a sustained temperature rise for at least 3 days. The cervical mucus method attempts to pinpoint the fertile period by observing and charting the amount and appearance of cervical mucus during the menstrual cycle. Recognized changes in the mucus occur before and often at ovulation. The symptothermal method combines the temperature and cervical mucus methods.


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